HFLC Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

A Christ-centered school of influence recognized for developing learners to become academically equipped, biblically grounded and socially responsible individuals who are godly agents of impactful change in the country.

Our Mission

Champions learners by providing a strong learning foundation through life-encompassing and economical education that is anchored in biblical truths and principles—empowering them to be capable and agile in approaching a constantly evolving world.

Core Values

  • Faith - Biblical sound faith that points learners to Jesus Christ shapes and imbues everything that we do at HFLC. As a Christ-centered school, we cultivate a culture of grace and truth that fosters humility, compassion and service to others with genuineness, respect and love.

  • Excellence - The passion to earnestly improve is an essential component of HFLC—spiritually, academically, socially and morally. We believe that by pursuing excellence in what we do with the abilities and talents God gave, we are in turn giving our best to glorify Him.

  • Integrity - At HFLC, integrity is vital to the work we do. We uphold the values of honesty, responsibility, fairness and trustworthiness in our work, within and beyond the HFLC grounds.

  • Teamwork - The HFLC community looks out for the best interest of each other and actively aims to build up one another whilst collaborating productively as a collective unit toward a common goal.

  • Service - HFLC is bound to its commitment to serve others, both within and outside of its four walls by educating learners’ understanding of the community and the world whilst nourishing their individual gifts in service of a greater cause.

We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for adhering to these core values, as we strive to carry out the vision and mission of Humphrey Foundation Learning Center Inc.