The HFLC Guarantee

  1. Learning is enhanced. Because we have small class size (1 teacher to 5 students ratio), learners can get the absolute most out of their courses.

  2. Personalized instructional approaches. Teachers design and structure learning to meet the needs of every learners who works toward achieving the same set of learning competencies with the individual support they need along the way. In addition to that, we train our learners to pursue a good study habit and encourages them to be independent because we believe that it is important that a learner is able to think, act and pursue their own studies autonomously even without the same levels of support they receive from a teacher at school.

  3. Christian school. Filipino values. HFLC is not just a haven of learning but it is also a place where learners can start to forge their morals and values. We incorporate Biblical truths and principles in our lessons and instill to our learners Filipino values. We believe that this will set them on a path for academic success and boost their intra and interpersonal relationships in the society.

  4. Passionate and well-trained teachers. HFLC prides itself with teachers who has passion in what they do, the kind of passion that is based on commitment which is at the heart of an effective teaching.

  5. English-speaking campus. HFLC recognizes that English is an international language and believe that it is a very important skill in the globalized 21st century that our learners should learn and what better way to start training them than while they are young.